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Attacked and Robbed at Knifepoint near Monserrate in Bogotá

On July 13th, at around 4:00 PM, in broad daylight, I was assaulted and robbed on the road between Monserrate and Universidad Los Andes. As I was walking downhill on this curvy street, a thief who was about 16 years old passed me on the other side ...

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The End of My Long Walk Home

My original plan was to walk from Andino Mall to my apartment in La Candelaria. The Bogotá International Half Marathon was taking place and this changed the complexity of travel in the city that day. I first thought it would take an hour to ...

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The Bogotá International Half Marathon and My Long Walk Home

I decided to head up to North Bogotá for the morning and walk back to La Candelaria for some much needed exercise. It was shocking to see half of Bogotá running towards me in the form of the Bogotá International Half Marathon. ...

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Día de la independencia

On July 20th, 1810, Colombians began a revolt against Spain which led to Colombia’s independence. I feel very lucky to be able to spend this day in Bogotá around such a festive and exciting atmosphere. The pride that Colombians’ ...

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My Return to Colombia

I decided to return to Colombia from Asia this week to work on my blog and upcoming book. It was a difficult decision as I’ve been working on a project based on Cambodia for a few years, but I will put it on hold for the time being. I also h ...

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Motorcycling Colombia

When I first moved to Colombia in 2009, my main goal was to buy a motorcycle to explore Colombia and South America. The plan was to teach middle school history at an international school on the North Coast of Colombia for a year, save money and th ...

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Great Hammocks in Colombia

Hammocks are awesome and should be recognized for the relaxation they provide the world. For some reason I’m always taking pictures of hammocks, as if my real goal in life is to just lay in one all day. Here are some wonderful hammocks tha ...

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Guest City: A Little Bit of Latin America in Kaoshiung, Taiwan - Part Two

Kaoshiung is a large city with a population of around 3 million. There are tons of bar, clubs, and other types of nightlife establishments. Bogotá Bar is a low-key place to drink that really has nothing to do Colombia, but the fact the owne ...

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Guest City: A Little Bit of Latin America in Kaoshiung, Taiwan - Part One

I lived in Kaoshiung, Taiwan from August of 2011 until June 9th of this year. Moving to Asia after leaving Colombia was very difficult for many reasons. The biggest adjustment most definitely was the language barrier and food (I’m a picky ea ...

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