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Aracataca: Home Town of Gabriel García Márquez

About an hour and a half from Santa Marta by bus sits Aracataca.

This is the birthplace of famed Nobel Literature Prize Winner author Gabriel García Márquez.

There is a museum in the house where he grew up. The original house was in very poor condition so it was demolished and a nice replica was built in its place. Aracataca is widely known to be the model for the town “Macondo”, the main setting in García Márquez’s, One Hundreds Years of Solitude.

After visiting the house, a walk to the downtown and the river can be very interesting. It’s a wonderful town that allows for glimpses into a less visited Colombia. It’s not exactly small, with a population over 50,000, but it has a character that you can’t find in destinations on the main tourist track.

It’s suggested to visit if you have plenty of extra days to burn.

The best plan is to just wander around.

In Aracataca there is a hostel that has gained a positive reputation for its services.

Gypsy Residence has been highly recommended by many travelers.

The Gypsy Residence has bikes available for use for its guest. Aracataca is the perfect Colombian town to explore by bike.

The Gypsy also conducts full day tours or Aracataca for 99,000 COP, which includes breakfast and lunch. The tour includes guided visits to the town museums, the river, and several monuments in town. There is a shorter tour on the back of a motorbike where guests visit the tiny Colombian towns of El Prado Sevilla and Macondo. 3 hours - 35,000 COP.

If you’re looking for a more authentic view of a Colombia, Aracataca maybe a good choice for a day or two, off the path.

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