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Bogotá: A Walk to La Macarena

Sunday was very rainy and a lazy day, but I decided to get motivated and go explore a little.

I took a walk in the rain to La Macarena.

La Macarena is about ten minutes from La Candelaria and is a very pleasant residential neighborhood with numerous restaurants and a few art galleries.

This area has an incredible choice of restaurants ranging from Mexican, Arabic, Italian, English, Spanish, Colombian and food from other countries.

I decided to eat at La Frontera, a Mexican restaurant I have in my travel book that I remembered I had an excellent meal there my last visit a few years ago.

When walking from La Candelaria on Carrera 3 towards La Macarena things change around Calle 23

You have to walk over this bridge

These artist were working in the rain

It started to rain pretty hard as I got to La Macarena

It’s slightly hilly with great exercise when you walk in this area

Different rice dishes from around the world

Place for a few pints





There is where I ate (I love Mexican food)

Is a very nice restaurant

I went with the chicken tacos and found an edition of Revista DC with great coverage of Rock al Parque

It was a great meal and I was able to make 5 big tacos out of my plate

There are a few well-known art galleries in the area, but were closed at my time of visit

Time for a nice rainy walk home

My visit to La Macarena was great and I recommend visitors to Bogotá make at least one trip to the area for a meal to see the difference versus La Candelaria.

There is a much calmer and little more modern feeling.

With so many choices of interesting restaurants and galleries, I’ve decided to return to La Macarena for a visit real soon.

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