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Bogotá: Museums and Tourist Sites

Bogotá has a wide variety of interesting museums and sites to visit. Many visitors can spend a full day or two checking out the various locations that Bogotá has to offer.

It’s highly suggested a visit to the following museums and tourist sites when you find yourself in Bogotá:

Plaza de Bolívar

Palacio de Justica - left, Catedral Primada - right and Cerro de Monserrate -   background.

Catedral Primada

The Catedral Primada is a popular attraction for visitors and a church of worship for many who live in Bogotá.

Museo Nacional

Museo Nacional is a beautiful three story muesum that once was a former prison. A visit to the Museo Nacional gives travelers a glimpse into Colombia’s history and culture.

Museo Botero

Museo Botero features the paintings and sculptures of famed Colombian artist Fernando Botero. There are other salons and art galleries throughout the two story complex that frequently host traveling international exhibitions.

Museo Militar

Inside the Museo Military you can find many artifacts and objects of Colombia’s military from the past to modern times. There is a parking lot full of heavy weaponry for the war buffs.

Iglesia Santa Clara

Iglesia Santa Clara is a beautiful and wonderfully preserved church that is often missed by most visitors.

Museo Historico de la Policia

Visitors to the Museo Historico de la Policia are treated to a tour of the museum guided by an English speaking police recruit.

Cerro de Monserrate

The view of Bogotá from Monserrate on a slightly cloudy day.


There are many other sites that are highly suggested to visit:

Mueso de Oro

Mueso de Oro may be Bogotá’s most visited museum. The Museo de Oro houses gold and ceramic pieces from pre-Columbian indigenous cultures. Over 33,000 gold and 10,000 ceramic pieces are on display.

Quinta de Bolívar

Quinta de Bolívar is a small property where Simon Bolívar occasionally lived, (monuments and information on the liberator can be found here). The Quinta is a pleasant ten minute walk from La Candelaria.

Plaza de Toros de Santamaria

Bogotá's bullfighting ring is a beautiful building worth checking out. It's rumored you can talk your way inside for a visit if you can find an open entrance. If you're interested, the bullfight season is in January and February, on Sunday afternoons.

Biblioteca Nacional

Biblioteca Nacional is an interesting place to take a quick look. The building has a unique interior design. There is a small historical salon with relaxing classical music playing.

Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá

Museo de Arte Modero de Bogotá hosts different national and international exhibits.

Many visitors make the mistake of only using Bogotá as a transit point or for a few nights out on the town.

When making your plans for Bogotá, don’t forget to pencil in a few days to check out the above locations and many more around the city, you will not be disappointed.


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