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Bogotá: Parque 93

About a twenty minute or so walk from the Zona Rosa brings you to Parque 93.

There is a park in the center surrounded by many restaurants and places to drink.

Parque 93

A good place to lift a pint

Interesting looking restaurant

Salto del Angel is a great place to party

I wanted to drink a beer and eat here, but there was a ban on alcohol sales in Bogotá on Wednesday, due to a big soccer game

Wings are not bad for a second choice

Ten wings, carrots, celery and a coke filled me up quite nicely

Buffalo Wings is a cool place

NFL fans can catch games here during the season


A nice little getaway from La Candelaria.

Looking forward to returning to Parque 93 for more food  and rumba hopefully in the near future.



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