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Bogotá: Museo de Botero

There is no question that Bogotá possesses world class museums with amazing pieces of art and history to display.

Many tourists make the mistake of visiting only one or two of Bogota’s museums.

It’s recommended to have an attraction and museum visit plan before arriving into Bogotá.

The Museo de Botero is a great option as it houses amazing art from painter and sculptor Fernando Botero, Colombian artists and many other artists of the world.

The admission is free and it’s conveniently housed in the same building as the Casa de Moneda.

After visiting the Botero museum visitors can see why Fernando Botero is one of the world’s greatest known living artist.

Botero’s influence is tremendous in Colombia and you will see his works displayed throughout the country.

A visit to the Museo de Botero is highly recommended for all visitors to Bogotá, both foreign and Colombian.


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