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Bogota Restaurant Review: Restaurante Donor - La Candelaria

Restaurants Donor is a simple Colombian restaurant with inexpensive great tasting and filling food.

Choices of meat and chicken are available with delicious soup.

Lunch plate with meat and coke = 7000 COP ($3.70 U.S.)

I was not a big fan of the meat, but the beans, rice and the rest of the plate was fantastic. The soup was filled with potatoes and a bunch of vegetables and was really good.

I always leave these kinds of meals asking myself why I spend three times as much on Western meals all the time when I can eat so much better for such a less cost.

Restaurante Donor  -  La Candelaria

On the corner of Carrera 2 and Calle 17 across the street from where Avenida Jiménez goes up towards Universidad Los Andes.

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