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Flag of Colombia

Día de la independencia

On July 20th, 1810, Colombians began a revolt against Spain which led to Colombia’s independence.

I feel very lucky to be able to spend this day in Bogotá around such a festive and exciting atmosphere. The pride that Colombians’ have for their country was quite evident in the streets with beautiful flags and festivities all over Bogotá.

People on the Septima and other areas of the city celebrated in the streets with family and friends.

I woke up to these two flags outside my apartment window
I had a feeling it would be a great day

A cool shop in La Candelaria

Streets were packed and there were many dedicated entertainers out

Colombia’s colors were everywhere

How many flags can you see in this picture?

This band is incredibly talented

I thought Tom Cruise whacked this guy in the movie “The Last Samurai”

This family of Vallenato musicians from the coast is fantastic

The Plaza de Bolívar was closed off for some type of big event

It was a beautiful day in La Candelaria


The Chorro de Quevado had a lot of activities going on

The school had some sort of show for the kids

A street with tons of flags right outside the Chorro de Quevado

It was a wonderful day and you could feel the positive energy in the air.

By far the most enjoyable day I have had since I came back to Colombia 10 days ago.

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