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Field Trip to North Bogotá

After a week in La Candelaria I’ve been feeling a little on the edge so I decided to take a short trip up to North Bogotá.

It was great to mix things up as North Bogotá is a completely different world then La Candelaria.

Started my trip at the pizza place next to a very famous Colombian location.

Tastes almost exactly like Domino’s

It can be intimidating to take the TransMilenio - B74 takes you to the Zona Rosa area for 1700 COP

These people are everywhere!

Turns into a more modern environment

This place is good for quick Mexican food

You can pick up your Harley here

Would love to tour Colombia on this bike

This is a cool place to kick back and drink

If you like modern malls, Andino is the place for you

Big mall with tons of high priced stores

After my visit to the mall I took a nice walk to the Parque 93 for a much needed second lunch.

Check out our blog tomorrow for the second part of my trip to North Bogotá.

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