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Great Hammocks in Colombia

Hammocks are awesome and should be recognized for the relaxation they provide the world.

For some reason I’m always taking pictures of hammocks, as if my real goal in life is to just lay in one all day.

Here are some wonderful hammocks that can found throughout Colombia.

Casa de Rafael Nunez, Cartagena

Punta Fara, Isla de San Bernardo

Parque Natural Chicaque (Outside Bogotá)

A whole family of hammocks, Pueblo Bello (Outside Valledupar)

One of the many hammocks of Provincia Hostel, Valledupar

A grand hammock for the night in Cabo de la Vela

Hotel Castillo del Mar, Riohacha

The hammock with the million dollar view from the rooftop of Tortuga Hostel, Taganga

If you’re a hammock lover, Colombia is the right place for you.

From the Caribbean to the big cities, that special hammock could be calling you.

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