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Guest City: A Little Bit of Latin America in Kaoshiung, Taiwan - Part One

I lived in Kaoshiung, Taiwan from August of 2011 until June 9th of this year. Moving to Asia after leaving Colombia was very difficult for many reasons.

The biggest adjustment most definitely was the language barrier and food (I’m a picky eater).

At times I thought I was visiting a different planet.

I was lucky to move to an amazing city that had a few businesses that reminded me of Latin America.

Our first stop takes us to Taco Rico Taqueira Mexican Food. This restaurant is owned by a Honduran and Taiwanese couple that serves authentic Mexican and Honduran food.

I lived in Honduras for two years and Taco Rico’s baleadas and pastelitos (Honduran hands snacks) taste exactly like they do in my favorite Honduran town, La Ceiba.

Five minutes up in the hills by a beautiful ride that borders the ocean there is a hidden El Salvadorian restaurant.

The view from their balcony is fantastic, as well as their chicken tacos and quesadillas.

Around the downtown area there is a restaurant owned by a Bolivian and Taiwanese couple. Bolivian and food from other Latin American regions is featured.

Around once a month they have a salsa night with a Bolivian dance instructor. The night starts with salsa and turns into reggaeton by the end.

Check out our blog tomorrow for the second part of this article.

We will be making a stop at the Bogotá Bar and for Latin Night at the Brickyard.

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