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Guest City: A Little Bit of Latin America in Kaoshiung, Taiwan - Part Two

Kaoshiung is a large city with a population of around 3 million. There are tons of bar, clubs, and other types of nightlife establishments.

Bogotá Bar is a low-key place to drink that really has nothing to do Colombia, but the fact the owner traveled there many years ago and loved his visit. The bar does play reggaeton, but there is not really a Latin theme, but the name.

We ended our night at the Brickyard which is a popular bar with university students, twenty-somethings and foreigners.

Brickyard holds a monthly Latin Night which has become very popular with Central and South American students who study in Kaoshiung and Tainan (a large city 45 minutes away). The event has been held for over four years.

Kaoshiung has many Latin students from all over the world studying as their countries have had the sensibility to recognize Taiwan as a country. These students come to study on scholarships to many universities in the area.

If you find yourself in Kaoshiung, Taiwan and would like to visit one of the locations, please send me an email and I can help you find the way.



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