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Guest Post: Mayapo an Amazing Beach Outside Riohacha

Mayapo is one of the most beautiful, natural and peaceful beaches in La Guajira and Colombia. It is known as a “virgin beach”. I doubt it’s easy to find such a calm place as Mayapo, since it still hasn’t been invaded by commercial tourism.


Mayapo is about 20 minutes away from arriving to the city of Riohacha. You can get there by car or taking a taxi. The ride will cost you between 20.000 and 25.000 COL$ (10-13 US dollars).If you find a group of people who are willing to go with you and split the cab, it’s even better.

When you reach the beach, you will find several shacks owned by natives which provide shelter, a parking spot and restaurant service as well. I recommend the last establishment on the left corner, which is a two-story shack with hammocks, chairs and tables so you can relax with your family, friends or partner.

Two story shack to rest

Locals being friendly to their guests

Shacks and chairs to rest and tan at the beach

Lunch is one of the best parts of the trip. You may choose from a delicious menu of sea food which includes shrimp rice, fish such as pargo or róbalo, which comes with coconut rice, patacones, salad and usually soda or beer to drink. The food is delicious and very economic. You will usually be asked what fish you would like to eat and its prize will be determined by its weight. A half pound fish may cost 15.000 COL$ (8 US dollars) and a 2 pound fish will cost about 40.000 COL$ (20 US dollars).

Families having lunch

If you want to get a spectacular summer tan, then Mayapo is the place for you. It’s always good advice to get there early to find a spot. There are days where the beach is filled with people, while other days you might feel as though you’re the only one there. In Mayapo you will enter a world filled with nature and disconnected from a routine of stress and high use of technology. It is a great escape, you won’t regret the trip. So, what are you waiting for? Mayapo is waiting for you to enter this undiscovered paradise.


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