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Guest Post: Martina´s Visit to the Islas del Rosario and Playa Blanca - Isla Barù

When visiting Cartagena and you are looking for a relaxing weekend, you can find a place that looks like paradise. 

After two weeks in Cartagena, I needed a break from the heat of the town. I couldn’t find relief in an ice cold glass of juice or in a shady place on one of the patios of Old Town, so I decided the best thing to do was to take a tour of the Rosario Islands and Playa Blanca on the Isla Barù.

Cartagena is not only an old colonial town, but is also a good starting point of trips heading to the archipelago of Rosario Islands and beautiful beaches like the one of Playa Blanca on Isla Barù.

The islands lie approximately 85 kilometers from Cartagena and are connected to the mainland with boats or laches (motorboats).

However, the Isla Barù is not an island at all! It´s also reachable by motorbike or bus.

I decided to take the tour with a boat, which took approximately 90 minutes. My trip started at the pier of Cartagena at 8 in the morning. The captain welcomed all the passengers on the boat in a very Colombian style which woke us up before leaving.

During the tour we passed by most of the 27 islands of the archipelago and we stopped in San Martin de Pajarales for a visit to the aquarium as the archipelago is part of the Natural Park (with an additional 20,000 COP fee).

After 45 minutes we finally arrived in Playa Blanca. The name of the beach literally means “white beach” and it is in fact a paradise!

I highly recommend an overnight stay, my experience in Playa Blanca after 5 at night and particularly at dawn was simply amazing.

When the majority of people left, the water was flat, even clearer, and there was not as much noise.

I found easily a place to stay. I rented a hammock for 10,000 COP. I felt like Robinson Crusoe for one night…..also because of the “shower”!

It is also possible to rent a cabaña for 17,000 COP, however the “shower” is the same!

I didn’t bring my own food because there are bars and restaurants on the beach.

However, I brought some water with me because it was quite expensive to buy it there….beer is cheaper than water anyway!

You will go back to Cartagena relaxed and feeling very healthy.

I promise!


1. Walk till the end of the beach …and find perfect places to take your photos!

2. Rent a mask and snorkel! (one day for 10,000COP). It´s definitely worth it.

3. At night go to the beach to see the plankton in water.

Martina is an Italian student of tourism spending time in Cartagena teaching underprivileged children.

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