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Minca: Mountain Paradise

Minca is a gorgeous, small mountain town about 45 minutes from Santa Marta. Minca is the perfect vacation getaway if you're looking for a change of climate and a chance to commune with a natural mountain setting.

Minca is a highly recommended destination to visit if you like to hike and spend time in the mountains.

Minca is for those seeking mountain fresh air

The pace of life in Minca is very slow

Hostal San Souci is perfect for budget travelers

Amazing hikes throughout Minca

Tienda Café is the place to stop for breakfast and the best information on Minca


Minca is the perfect destination to escape the heat and crowds of the Santa Marta area. 

Explore Travel Guides: Bogotá and North Coast Colombia has a detailed section on Minca. Coupled with a stop at Tienda Café you will have all the information you need for a perfect mountain vacation.

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