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Bogotá: Museo Historico Policia

The Museo Historico Policia is one of my favorite museums in all of Colombia.

This elegant building was originally built in 1923 and is dedicated to the history of the Colombian National Police.

While the displays that range from weapons, uniforms, Pablo Escobar’s former possessions, and displays of different Colombian police units are impressive, what stands out is the assignment of an English speaking police guide.

The guides take their job very seriously and take the time to explain each exhibit in great detail.

Another highlight of the visit is the stunning view of Bogotá from the museums rooftop.

A visit to the Museo Historico Policia is highly recommended to learn more about the men and woman who have dedicated their lives to protecting Colombia and who have fought on the front lines against the war on narcotics.

The entrance to the museum

Trip Advisor approved

Pablo Escobar’s old Harley

Escobar’s weaponry

Old school police uniform

Not a good place to find yourself

More uniforms from the past

Badges and ranks from police departments all over the world

All types of weapons

Great view of the surrounding area

Very friendly and well-informed guides.

The entrance fee for the museum is free.

The Museo Historico Policia should be scheduled into your list of attractions to visit while in Bogotá.


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