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Parque Chicaque: Beautiful Cloud Forest

Parque Natural Chicaque is a stunning privately owned cloud forest.

The park is a must visit for nature lovers and hikers.

Spectacular hiking is possible throughout the park and there are two excellent camping options.

The park has an upper camp ground and a lower area that has a restaurant, hotel and campground. The facility has a gorgeous mountain cabin style lodge.

After a short trek from Bogotá you will get to the entrance of Parque Chicaque

Plenty of spots to pitch a tent

Make sure you load up on snacks

Home is ready

Great hiking that starts straight downhill

A handy map of the area

High up in the clouds

Parque Chicaque has a cabin that serves food and has the perfect hammock to relax in after the hike down

You can rent a horse to go back up

Parque Chicaque is within an hour from Bogotá and offers a beautiful natural paradise for all  who visit.

If you love to camp, hike and commune with nature, a visit to Parque Chicaque may be in order.

You may find a new friend by your tent

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