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Parque Tayrona: Beaches, Hiking, and Camping

Just 30 minutes east of Santa Marta sits one of Colombia’s destinations that is most visited by foreigners.

Parque Tayrona is an amazing area of jungle and beach. Parque Tayrona possesses spectacular beaches that get better around every corner.

Parque Tayrona can only be accessed by a beautiful adventurous hike or by boat for the lazy ones.

Many accommodations can be found throughout the park from budget to very expensive.

Parque Tayrona can be divided into eastern and western sections. The eastern side is the more tourist visited area with more accommodations and accessibility. The western side is more of an adventure to reach and with few amenities.

If you like the outdoors and the beach, Parque Tayrona MUST be visited on your Colombian vacation.

Stunning scenery is found throughout Parque Tayrona

You need to hike to get to the prime destinations

It’s an easy hike, but there are challenging sections

There are horses for rent

You can pitch a tent in several different campgrounds (bring your own or rent)

You can also find many places to rent a hammock for the night

There are countless incredible beaches to discover

From calm

To open and with a little rougher waters

When you see this bakery

You must buy these chocolate balls of dough, they are awesome
(Please leave a comment on this blog if you’ve had one)

Explore Travel Guides: Bogota and North Coast Colombia has seven pages of information on Parque Tayrona. Please download your free copy and plan an amazing trip to one of Colombia’s natural treasures.

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