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Bogotá: Quinta de Bolívar

Ten days after I got robbed walking back from Monserrate I decided to head up to visit Quinta Bolívar.

I walked with great hesitation with only a few pesos and my small camera.

There were tons of people around and it had a much safer feeling.

If you want to be mega safe I’d take a taxi to Quinta Bolívar, but during the day when there are people around it’s a lot more passable by foot.

I’ve been to the Quinta Bolívar many times and I always enjoy returning as it has a calm natural feeling, but is very close to the high energy of El Centro.

Quinta Bolívar is a small property where Simon Bolívar lived while he was in Bogotá after the independence.

The admission is 3,000 COP and is worth the visit.

It’s best to visit both Monserrate and Quinta de Bolívar on the same day.

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