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Suesca: Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, and Much More….

Suesca is an amazing town to visit if you enjoy rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking and nature. It is only a little over an hour away from Bogotá, by bus.

There is a small area of restaurants and adventure operators that allows the visitor to waste little time getting to their favorite activity. There is a very comfortable hostel that is a five minute walk away from all the action.

Suesca has over 400 routes for climbers that are suitable for beginners to veterans. Mountain bikes are available for rent with or without guides.

Suesca could easily be one of your favorite Colombian vacation memories.

Rockclimbers heaven

Countless natural settings to explore

You can find excellent food and information at the Vamonos P'al Monte

Gearing up for a day of climbing

Hostal el Vivac is the best place to stay

A hammock for an option is always a great sign

A great place to just wander around

A storm rolling in

Bikes can be rented with or without a guide

If you’re not a climber, there are plenty of hiking opportunities

The rocks offer countless routes for all levels of climbers

The town of Suesca is quite charming

Camping spots are available close to the rocks

Many travelers come to Suesca planning to stay for a day or two and end up visiting much longer. If you’re a climber, biker, hiker or a nature lover be prepared to extend your vacation to Suesca, as you most likely will fall in love with the area very quickly. 

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