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The Bogotá International Half Marathon and My Long Walk Home

I decided to head up to North Bogotá for the morning and walk back to La Candelaria for some much needed exercise.

It was shocking to see half of Bogotá running towards me in the form of the Bogotá International Half Marathon.

This yearly race is a massive event that attracts world-class runners that attempt to win one of South America’s most popular races.  The event has over 45,000 runners join each year.


Good luck KM 13 at Unilago where I once bought a computer

Here come the front-runners

This guy was getting all the press

Gatorade tent is ready

Colombian Red Cross

This school band did a fantastic job performing for the runners

Here comes the pack

The size of this race is about to come clear

I guess this is what the real media looks like

A never ending sea of runners came towards me

I’m not sure how the runners were feeling, but the 2 KM walk from 13 to 11 KM markers was exhausting

Esso nailed the slogan on their sign for this day

At around Calle 56 I tried to cheat and I took a left to find a taxi

Join our blog tomorrow for the second part in my journey of the long walk from Andino Mall to La Candelaria.

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