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The End of My Long Walk Home

My original plan was to walk from Andino Mall to my apartment in La Candelaria. The Bogotá International Half Marathon was taking place and this changed the complexity of travel in the city that day.

I first thought it would take an hour to maybe an hour and a half at tops to walk that distance. It was clear after the first few KM that it would take longer and I was really lazy so I decided to cheat and take a taxi home.

I came here and waited for ten minutes for a taxi

I couldn’t find a taxi so I ended up having to walk home I wanted to eat here so bad, but would have taken an effort to cross the street


Pontificia Universidad Javeriana was packed with students on a Sunday

The race was way past me

Parque Nacional was looking lovely


It appears Sunday is the official day of exercise in Bogotá

If you like group exercise this is the place for you

This street feels a little European

Museo Nacional is about to open for a very busy day

Tons of vendors selling things

I’m 5 minutes from my house and I see why all the taxis in Bogotá are taken

It took me almost three hours to get back, but I was taking my time the whole way. I stopped to take lots of pictures and at times was as slow as a zombie.

I’m glad I finished the walk as I saw some many cool things.

Congratulations to the runners who ran the Bogotá International Half Marathon as competing in that distance is quite an accomplishment.

Tomorrow our blog will go up to Monserrate for a day trip I’ll never forget.

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