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Tolú and the Islas de San Bernardo

Hidden away on the Northwestern side of the Caribbean is a town that has long ago been discovered by Colombian tourists. Foreign tourists only visit Tolú in small numbers, but this town has tremendous appeal due to its quiet beach atmosphere. The town has an island feeling, where things take time and there is not much of a hurry to get to your destination.

View of Tolú from the rooftop of  Villa Babilla

The day after a huge storm

Students heading to school

A trip by boat into the mangrove swamps of Cienaga de Caimanera

Tourists loading up for a trip to the Islas de San Bernardo

If you’re lucky you may catch a dolphin show on the ride to the Islas

Santa Cruz del Islote one of the world’s most densely populated islands

To learn more about Santa Cruz del Islote, check out the video and information page of this recently funded Kickstarter campaign.  

Kickstarter Project

Taking a quick hike on one of the Islas

Making a catch in a fishing village

Dinner has arrived

This trail leads to Punto Fara, a beautiful resort

If you dish out a few bucks you can use Punto Fara’s most important feature

Catching a soccer game for a slow night on the Caribbean after a long day of sightseeing


To learn more about Tolu and the Islas de San Bernardo please download our complimentary 325 page PDF version of Explore Travel Guides: Bogota and North Coast Colombia.

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