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Valledupar: A Walk to the Rio Guatapurí

Valledupar is a great city to explore by walking.

One of my favorite walks is to go from El Centro to the Rio Guatapurí. This walk can take an hour to two depending how fast you go.

You leave the hustle and bustle of the city really quick and it feels like you first go through the suburbs and then into the countryside.

There is a long road that takes you out of the city

On the road there are beautiful neighborhoods with a Southern California feeling

There are cool parks

These kids need helmets

Bike paths

The horse on the right is named ¨Valledupar¨

The river is beautiful

Cool places to find and hang out in the hot sun

Riverside for lunch

Our next blog will continue this walk which concludes with a visit to El Parque de la Leyenda Vallenato

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