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Valledupar: An Awesome Six Day Visit

Valledupar is the birthplace of Explore Travel Guides Colombia.

In 2010, I formulated the concept and the legal entity of my company in Valledupar.

I was a frequent visitor to the city for a year while I lived in La Guajira.

Valledupar is an amazing city that should be visited by both Colombians and foreign visitors.

The Plaza Alfonso Lopez is a great place to start

The Plaza is perfect for a quick stroll or to relax on a bench under a tree

Valledupar is mid-size city that is easy to navigate (but easy to get lost)

Bustling tree lined streets

Surrounded by nature

A city with one of the Colombia´s most important stages

In Valledupar music is king

Plenty of great places to go out and enjoy the night

Amazing hammocks to relax at any hour (Provincia Hostel)

My visit to Valledupar was business orientated, but I was able to take some photos and visit some of my favorite places.

Valledupar is a jewel of Colombia and due to its isolated geography is still a tourist location that has not been discovered by many foreign travelers.

Please check out our blog for a full week coverage of Valledupar.

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